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Moisture Galore 50ml


Hydrating Light Moisturiser

A lush lightweight moisturiser containing cocoa butter and coconut oil to soothe and soften the skin. Our hydrating day cream, Moisture Galore, contains calming, soothing and antioxidant botanicals that aid in hydrating and the overall health of the skin, whilst leaving it nourished.

Using a light hydrating day cream is a basic but very important step in any skincare routine. Moisturising the skin protects and prevents the skin from loss of moisture and becoming dry.

Skin Types

Ideal for all skin types


Light Hydrating Moisturiser benefits your skin in so many ways:

  • The Derm Team have developed a lightweight facial moisturiser that won’t feel heavy on the skin
  • Absorbs quickly and easily into your skin
  • Moisturing leaves your skin feeling soft and supple
  • The important step in your skincare routine ensures your skin is hydrated
  • Regularly moisturising reduces dull-looking skin
  • Scent: Naturally scented with patchouli, jasmine and ylang-ylang


Ylang Ylang



When should I moisturise my skin?

Moisturisers are best used on clean skin, after applying serums to lock in moisture.

We recommend cleansing morning and night for optimal results.

Most moisturisers usually cause breakouts, will I breakout?

Moisture Galore is a lightweight nourishing moisturiser.  It contains anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe and calm the skin.