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Armour – A 30ml


Natural Vitamin A Serum

Vitamin A is an essential component when it comes to skin health. Our natural Vitamin A Serum uses Retinyl Palmitate. A plant-based ingredient which is a powerful vegan friendly antioxidant with properties that help improve dark spots, smooth wrinkles and promote healthy looking skin. It”s oil base allows it to be easily recognised and absorbed by the skin, while strengthening and promoting healthy skin. When used topically, it helps smooth skin texture and minimise finelines and wrinkles. Long term use of Vitamin A helps strengthen skin barrier.

Skin Types

  • Mature
  • Sensitive
  • Oily
  • Normal
  • Ageing skin

Vitamin A Serum benefits your skin in so many ways:

  • 100% vegan skincare product
  • The Derm Team Vitamin A serum Armour-A is an oil based serum
  • Vitamin A helps minimise the signs of ageing by smoothing wrinkles
  • Exfoliates your skin leaving it smooth and even-toned
  • Helps cover up age spots and blemishes
  • The increased skin thickness also strengthens skin barrier
  • Armour-A our Vitamin A Serum brightens skin making it look and feel youthful
  • Helps reduce the signs of problematic skin
  • Leaves skin feeling rejuvenated, refined and nourished
  • The Derm Team is an Australian company and all products are Australian Made

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Can I use Vitamin A when I am pregnant?

No. The use of topical vitamin A should not be used when pregnant or breastfeeding. The use of Vitamin A when pregnant has been said to cause birth defects. However, very little research has been conducted to prove otherwise. Which is why topical vitamin A is not encouraged during pregnancy.