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Dead & Gone 50g


An essential step in every skincare routine. Exfoliating helps remove the upper layer of the skin that usually take 28 days to shed. The exfoliated skin is a combination of dead skin cells, build-up of skincare products and makeup.

A dynamic Vitamin C exfoliating powder made of fine crystals to brighten & smooth out the dullest of skin. Infused with malic acid to offer a deeper exfoliation. Allowing better absorption of skincare products.  Best part – You can alter the intensity of the scrub by altering gel to crystal ratio.

Skin Types:

Ideal for all skin types

Vitamin C Face Exfoliator

Our Vitamin C Face exfoliator based powder brings so many benefits to your skin

  • Assists to remove dead skin which is replenished every 28 days
  • It turn your skin texture will look and feel noticeably more smooth
  • Your complexion will appear brighter and glowing, no more dull skin
  • Exfoliating with our Vitamin C exfoliator will increase product absorption applied following its use
  • The Derm Team is an Australian company and all products are Australian Made
  • 100% vegan skincare product
  • Scent: Unscented



Vitamin C

Malic Acid

Aloe Vera

I exfoliate every day but my skin is still dry and flaky?

Exfoliation should be done 1-2 times a week, over exfoliating can do more damage than good. Exfoliating every day will strip the skin barrier from natural oils. This imbalance can cause drying and flaking of the skin.

Can I use any cleanser with the exfoliating crystals?

Dead & Gone is formulated to be used with any cleanser. However, we recommend to use it with The Derm Team Cleanser for optimum results.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
My Absolute Fav!

This product exfoliates effectively without being too abrasive. I like that I can add it to my cleanser of choice & can control the exfoliant to cleanser ratio.

Good value for money & it works. Highly recommend!

Best exfoliate for me personally

I’m taking oratane atm and I fInd a lot of exfoliates to be super harsh on days where my skin is super dry. I love this product because I can adjust how much I need to use and it leaves my skin feeling amazing!!! This with the cleanse me away cleanser my go to combo!!!!!

Love having more control

Love having control over how much of the exfoliating powder I want to use. Game changer.